Proceedings of Hybrid 2013

Proceedings of the Workshop on Hybrid Particle-Continuum Methods in Computational Physics, which was held from March 4-7, 2013, at Forschungszentrum Jülich can now be downloaded as PDFs. The goal of the workshop was to foster the exchange of ideas between the communities working on complex fluids and on complex solids. 65 participants learned about the new developments in hybrid particle-continuum methods from 15 invited and 10 contributed talks as well as from 30 posters.

During the workshop, particular emphasis was placed on continuum-mediated interactions between particles, as well as on the adaptive and non-adaptive coupling between particle-based and continuum-based descriptions of materials. The subjects covered included the modeling of hydrodynamic interactions between particles in complex fluids or environments, through coarse-grained descriptions of biological systems, to the coupling of atomically represented regions with various continuum-based theories for fluids and solids. Special methodological aspects were long time scale properties of systems with slow collective dynamics, the development of efficient adaptive resolution algorithms, and the coupling of quantum-mechanically treated regions with continuum descriptions.

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