Computeranwendungen WS 2021/22

Vorlesung / Übung
Wintersemester 2020/21
Vorlesung: Mi. 12:00 bis 14:00
Übung: Mo. 12:00 bis 14:00
Univ.-Professor Dr. rer. nat. Martin Müser
Gebäude C6 3 – Seminarraum 2.10

Course language: Lecture in English, Übung in Deutsch

If you want to take part in it, please register in the LSF and send an E-mail with your UdS-Kennung and the name of the course to a.langenbahn(at), so we can add you to the MS-Teams members of the course.

Course content:

This is mainly a programming course in C++. The course will support work under Linux and cover elemental Linux. However, anybody can stick to their OS of choice. Some selected applications will evolve around generic, numerical analysis, which is different to Computer Simulation in Materials Physics (CSMP).

Target group:

  • all students who want to lose their programming illiteracy
  • all students who want to take CSMP next year
  • all students who no longer want to be helpless when having to analyze experimental data

Motivation for this course:

First, we recognized that too much material had to be included into CSMP, in order to make it a valuable course. Our goal is to reduce the amount of material that we need to teach each week.

Second and perhaps more importantly: Scientists and engineers can no longer analyze data, unless they find a Botton to press in a given software tool. Once they cannot find this Button, they are as helpless as a cockroach lying on its back. We strongly believe that all scientists benefit from the ability to write simple codes in order to post-process data they have acquired.

Coding is fun, once you know what you have to do.